Summerlin Real Estate Appraisal - Las Vegas RealtorsAre you interested in increasing the appraised value of your home in Summerlin? Target the three main areas that appraisers will look at. Here are some options for both a basic or extensive upgrade to your space.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of the home and receives a lot of wear and tear, which makes it your first stop for house renovation.

Basic Upgrade

  • Replace the hardware. You can update your kitchen’s style just by swapping out drawer and cabinet pulls and faucets with fresh models.
  • Update appliances. Replacing your old refrigerator or stove with new, energy efficient designs can give your house a boost in value.

Extensive Upgrade

  • Replace countertops. Go for a classic with a stylish marble counter, or try the latest trend and install a stainless steel top.
  • Create an open floor plan. Have a wall or half wall knocked down to connect the kitchen with the adjoining rooms. This ambitious renovation dramatically increases your home’s value and helps you stay in the loop with family and friends while you’re cooking.

The Bathroom

A well-maintained bathroom with an atmosphere of spa-like relaxation is very attractive to appraisers. Just like in the kitchen, there are a wide variety of projects that could upgrade the space.

Basic Upgrade

  • Replace tile grout. This easy upgrade, which can be done in under a day, replaces worn and potentially stained grout with crisp, fresh lines in the latest durable formulations.
  • Reglaze the bathtub. Instead of the trouble and expense of having the old bathtub torn out and replaced, see if it can be reglazed. This is a great option for tubs with a few cosmetic issues that are otherwise in good shape.
  • Swap out the fixtures. This can include a new shower curtain in a trendy pattern, flattering lighting at the bathroom vanity, and brand-new hardware on the shower or cabinetry. For instance, look into a showerhead with multiple settings or one that simulates rainfall.

Extensive Upgrade

  • Upgrade the shower or tub. For the ultimate in relaxation, look for bathtubs with whirlpool functions and spacious stone-walled shower enclosures.
  • Add a half bath. You can give your home’s value a significant boost by converting an unused closet or space under the stairs into a half bath.

Curb Appeal

First impressions count to appraisers. Raise your home’s value by maximizing its appeal.

Basic Upgrade

  • Tidy up. Make sure the lawn is mowed, dead branches are dragged out of the way, and everything is neat and tidy.
  • Bring in color. A professional landscape designer can give your yard a facelift through clever use of flowers, statues, and other features. They will work with you to match your home’s look and your unique style.

Extensive Upgrade

  • Paint the home. If your house is looking a little worn, consider having the exterior repainted. While you’re at it, have gutters repaired and roof tiles replaced as needed.
  • Update the driveway and front walkway. If your home is over 20 years old, the pavement or concrete may have cracked. You can have these replaced, or upgrade them with attractive brick or stone.

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