Southwest Las Vegas Realtors - Real Estate Agents in Southwest Las Vegas NVPreparing your home to be sold is rarely how anyone wants to spend their free time, but doing the legwork is really the best way to hit the upper end of your sale range. The more care you’ve shown your property, the more likely it is someone will be inspired to buy it. But to do it right, you need to go far beyond just rearranging the furniture and getting the carpets cleaned.

Strengthen Your Curb Appeal

The first thing people see is the view from the street. You can’t control what your neighbors do (even after politely asking them to mow their yard), but you can control how your home is seen.The Las Vegas desert winds, powerful sun, high summer temperatures, and windblown sand do nothing to help the process. Repainting the property, powerwashing the driveway, adding a few new succulents, and putting a little extra mulch into the grass can do wonders for the buyers’ first impression.

Focus on the Details

It’s interesting the way people’s minds function when they first enter a home. Even though they know it isn’t theirs, they’re already picturing strikingly detailed scenarios about what life will be like should they should move there. That’s why strategically placed accessories like open books, coffee mugs, and clocks can have a stronger effect than just a clean open space.

Check Your Septic System

Homes have a tendency to wear down over time without anyone even noticing. Ensuring that your house is up to building codes won’t be readily apparent to potential buyers (who likely won’t even test the plumbing), but it will be readily apparent for the inspector who needs to investigate the property. The last thing you want is for a good deal to fall through right in the middle of escrow.

Repair the Roof

Again, no one is going to be climbing up on a ladder during an open house, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention to what’s happening above your head. Call a roofer to see exactly what needs to be done (if anything) to have the strongest and best looking roof before you sell. It could be as simple as another coat of paint.

Tent If Need Be

Southwest Las Vegas has plenty of local wildlife that can end up in your home. If you have any type of infestation, it will be caught by someone along the way. Tenting your home may be the only to get your property back into sellable condition.

Adjust Your Wiring

You likely don’t have to worry too much if your home is on the newer side, but older homes really need to have their wiring checked. This is especially true with the proliferation of new devices as they can test even the most modern of systems. You may have just a few appliances that run like clockwork, but that doesn’t mean that your home can handle a massive upgrade in electronics from the new owners.

Our Southwest Las Vegas REALTORS® know just about everything there is to know about preparing a Las Vegas home to sell quickly and for the right price. It’s why we assembled a team of the best Las Vegas REALTORS® who can help make the process of selling your home easier from start to finish.